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Trust & Conservatorship Management Services

Having worked extensively with properties held in Trust or under Conservatorship we understand the special attention these properties and their residents require. Pacific Shore Property Management has broad knowledge of how properties held in Trust or Conservatorship must operate legally, especially when under court supervision, and our property manager, Larry Cobar, has served as an expert witness on numerous cases.

Our smaller size, flexibility, and experience handling these specialized management accounts makes Pacific Shore Property Management the perfect choice for your properties held in Trust or under Conservatorship in the greater Los Angeles area. We can provide you with references from professional fiduciaries, conservators, attorneys, and trust officers upon request.

Please call us toll-free at (310) 839-8970 or (877) 477-7652 to discuss the particulars of your situation and to learn more about how Pacific Shore Property Management can begin helping you today!