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Here are just a few testimonials from some of our happy clients. As you can see we manage property for a range of clients from professional fiduciaries, to banks, and individual property owners. No property is too large or too small for us to lease and professionally manage. Please call us toll-free today at (877) 4-PSPMLA or (310) 839-8970 to learn more about what Pacific Shore Property Management can do for your property, and for a more extensive list of referrals.

“PSPM has been managing our 10 unit apartment building for well over two years and I can’t say enough about the professionalism and exceptional customer service provided by Larry and Allison. Our property is well maintained and any issues that do arise are addressed timely with literally no burden on me. Rents are collected and distributed without fail and monthly statement are clear and concise. I would recommend the services of PSPM in a heartbeat.„

~ Gregory P.

“Approximately 3 years ago Larry took over management of 3 apartment buildings of mine, a total of 22 units. The buildings were a mess because of poor management. We had been cited by the city, a tenant had not paid rent for over a year and much more. Larry went in with his team and with in 6 months we had no more problems. My gross income is up 30%. Larry is the absolute best, every month I receive a beautiful report and they tell me how much will be transferred to my account.„

~ Sherry S.

“Pacific Shore Property Management has been handling my private residence in West Los Angeles since 2007. I live in Denver so I really need their help. But, even if I still lived in LA I would have them as my property manager company

I am very pleased with their service and advice about my rental. Larry and Allison are professional, trustworthy and a pleasure to work with.„

~ Anne V.

“Having been around the block, so to speak, owning investment properties for a number of years, I know the ups and downs of dealing with tenant and building issues quite well.

Thanks to Larry, Allison, and the staff of PSPM, I know longer have to worry about tenant calls, repair issues, or finding responsible new tenants to fill a vacancy.

The staff at Pacific Shores take care of any issues that arise, in a timely, and efficient manner. They have great rapport with the tenants, and have a wonderful stable of services personnel, from painters to plumbers, and everything in between. And they are affordable and fair in their pricing.

Let’s just say I sleep much better at night with PSPM on my team.„

~ Howard S.

“PSPMLA has proven to be a very efficient company and we have been very pleased with their property management services. Their response time to us as owners has always been very quick and they are always very friendly towards us. They offer suggestions when we have had questions and seem to take a personal interest in our best good as owners. I would highly recommend PSPMLA to anyone searching for a management company.„

~ Sheri H.

“As a trustee and decedent estate administrator for over 20 years, my company has managed many large and small rental buildings. Although we have often done the management ourselves, I will certainly no longer do so now that I have had experience with Pacific Shore Property Management. Larry Cobar has the specific knowledge and vendor resources to handle problems that would take my in-house staff many hours to resolve.

Management and related expenses charged to the estates have been reduced by using Pacific Shore, and the tasks are completed more quickly and efficiently. No follow-up for me! I give the task to Larry and I know that it will be done professionally and at a reasonable cost.„

~ Pam M.

“Since hiring Pacific Shore Property Management to manage my property my life has become so much easier.

Larry and his team are smart, polite, and industrious. They really do treat your investment and your money like their own. Larry is a good communicator, easy to work with, and very efficient. When it comes to delegating the responsibility and headaches of your property, hiring Pacific Shore Property Management will be the best move you ever made.„

~ Scott F.