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Our Values

Every member of our team adheres to our industry-exclusive five core values. These values have shaped our company and can be seen in everything we do. These essential principles play a role in everything related to your property, from laying out a long-term strategy to managing the issues that come up on a daily basis. We know you’ll find your properties and residents correctly cared for when each of these values is brought to bear.

Managing real estate for maximum profit requires a huge time commitment and extraordinary patience. Slow-paying residents and emergency maintenance situations are just two of the hundreds of problems that may burden you as a property owner. Professional property management is the key to freeing your time and decreasing your stress.

However, not just any management company will do. You need an organization you can trust to represent you and protect your interests. You need an organization with integrity. Integrity means no conflicts of interest, such as an in-house maintenance company. At Pacific Shore Property Management we outsource all of our maintenance work to the very best prescreened vendors, so you know that we make no additional income by discovering additional problems at your building(s).

As a member of the California Apartment Association, the largest statewide trade association of rental property owners and managers in the country, we adhere to a strict code of ethics. We conduct ourselves in an honest and ethical manner and always adhere to all Fair Housing principles. Our Property Supervisor is a California Certified Residential Manager (CCRM) and an accredited member of the National Apartment Association (NAA).

Consistent Analysis
Pacific Shore Property Management’s monthly rental surveys ensure that you are always getting top dollar for your rents. We track trends in rent levels for each area and know at a glance the proper rent level for any particular apartment. Our advanced computer system also notifies management precisely when rent increases are due. This way we are able to maximize your income on a continual basis.

Want to know an industry secret? A majority of residents move because of dissatisfaction with the handling of maintenance issues. Historically, one of the largest expenses an owner deals with is the cost of preparing a vacancy for rental. Keeping residents happy keeps them in apartments, thereby decreasing turnover costs and vacancy loss, and significantly cutting expenses. Pacific Shore Property Management is able to accomplish this through a variety of methods, such as our 48-hour maintenance response guarantee.

High Standards
If there is no reason to visit your property, most management companies won’t. Pacific Shore Property Management takes on-site inspections to the next level with our industry exclusive bimonthly on-site inspections. Such frequent visits ensure that your properties are being maintained to the highest standards. During these inspections we check the quality of vendor work, look for and eliminate safety hazards and graffiti, and inspect general upkeep and cleanliness of the property.

During our bimonthly on-site inspections we also keep an eye out for any major work (i.e., capital improvements) that should take place in the future. Early detection of upcoming capital improvements often allows us to plan for the expenditure by reserving cash flow over a few months, so that no capital contributions from our clients are needed.

The more you learn about Pacific Shore Property Management, the more you will see that we are not an ordinary property management company. With a hands-on approach we take pride in managing your property as if it were our own. As California Certified Property Managers (CCRM), our property managers adhere to the highest standards and strictest code of ethics in the industry.

Dependable Service
At Pacific Shore Property Management our greatest asset is a client’s trust in our capabilities. That’s why we work to earn that trust each and every month.

We work to consistently surprise both clients and residents with our outstanding level of service. For residents, this means a 48-hour maintenance response guarantee and a 24-hour dedicated emergency maintenance hotline. Taking care of your investment is our top priority and the reason why Pacific Shore Property Management is always there when your properties and residents need us.

At Pacific Shore Property Management we understand that each client and each property is unique, with different needs. If you would like to see specific items in your monthly reports, would like us to work with your preferred vendors, or have other management requests, our smaller size allows us to provide a variety of customized services that best suit you and your property.

As a part of our services at Pacific Shore Property Management we will open an operating account for your building(s) at an FDIC-insured bank. We will make weekly deposits and pay all bills related to your property from this account. At the end of each month we will send you the net cash flow from your property in the form of a check or wire drawn on this account along with your monthly reports detailing all activity that took place at your property.